The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic Moved to 35 Devonshire Place

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I would call it the wind of change, but this year we have welcomed a hot summer in London along with a smooth transition into our wonderful new premises, so I’ll call it a breeze!

The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic are very excited to announce that as of the 14th of June, our new primary location is now at 35 Devonshire Place.  Our consultation rooms are situated on the 1st floor, and upon entering the building you will be graciously greeted and taken care of by one of our team members.

Conveniently located parallel to Harley Street; we are only a few minutes’ walk from our other office there, and are just around the corner from the Welbeck Pharmacy on Devonshire Street, making a visit to us an easy experience. This move has given us the opportunity to grow and expand, and follow our vision – we now hold more consultation rooms, and an operating theatre room is currently in the works too.

Going forward we can provide more availability, time and care for our patients. Aside from that not much has changed. All our contact details remain the same, so business as usual. We guarantee the same level of expertise from our consultants, and service and care for our patients.

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