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Nose Fillers Harley Street

Nose fillers are a popular cosmetic procedure for improving the appearance of nasolabial fissures. The inner cheeks and nose are commonly affected by nasolabial folds, which typically extend from the mouth’s corners to the bottom of the nostrils. Everyone has these wrinkles, which are more apparent when beaming, but as people age, their severity increases as their skin thins and sags.

Nose filler treatment with dermal fillers is the most prevalent method for minimising these folds and restoring a fuller, more youthful appearance. No recovery time is necessary after treatment.



Nose fillers, a dermal filler used to treat nasolabial folds, when injected into the designated area, plump the skin to make fine lines and wrinkles appear smoother and make the overall appearance look younger.

As with other fillers, nasal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring chemical that increases the firmness and hydration of the epidermis. When hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin, collagen, a protein that aids in skin hydration and typically declines with age, is increased.

Nose fillers are frequently injected directly into the nasolabial creases and the upper portion of the cheek next to the side of the nose to diminish their visibility. Although nose fillers cannot completely eradicate these creases, they can reduce their appearance while making the surrounding skin appear fuller and younger.

During your appointment, our cosmetic doctor will discuss the results you hope to achieve and evaluate your skin to ensure that the nasal fillers are injected in the most effective areas. In addition, our qualified doctor will ensure that the results complement your other facial features for a natural-looking enhancement. It will take a few days for the nose filler to have its maximum effect and reduce the appearance of creases after the procedure. Although no recovery time is required, you may experience minor bruising and oedema.


Nasolabial wrinkles can be repaired with various techniques, and opting for nasal fillers is an excellent alternative to surgical intervention that guarantees the desired results. The nasolabial folds can be surgically treated with a cheek lift or complete facelift. This tightens the existing skin and eliminates excess or unnecessary skin to smooth out the nasolabial folds. Surgery is hazardous, complex, and requires a lengthy recovery period than filler treatment. Utilising nasal fillers as the preferable treatment for nasolabial folds has the following benefits:
  • Immediate results
  • Wrinkles are less noticeable around the mouth when there is more collagen in the face
  • There is no break; after treatment, you can return to your everyday life and put on makeup immediately
  • Minimal side effects
  • A general lift can be seen, and the look of skin that is smoother and softer
  • Patients often increase the amount of hyaluronic acid injected into the area until they hit a comfortable level
  • If the treatment isn’t lasting, you can reverse the changes if you change your mind


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