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The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic has successfully launched the patch testing services and facility, on our new state of the art ground floor suite. Why look at having patch testing done? This facility is a specialist unit that helps you detect if your skin has contact allergy, causing your skin disease.

The patch test will determine whether or not a specific substance has caused an allergic reaction on your skin. It’s also able to detect delayed allergic reactions which can take days to develop. If you are suspecting to have contact or atopic dermatitis, this could be a very beneficial test that could help you eliminate things you wouldn’t even think, such as your shampoo! You can bring along anything you think may be causing you a contact allergy such as your creams, clothes, perfumes, and make up along with any packaging that has an ingredients list.

The process is simple and consists of three readings. The first stage is putting the allergens on your back. You will need to keep your back dry throughout the test, otherwise we may not detect a positive result.

We provide allergens anywhere between 20 and 70 at one time. The patches are applied, and areas are marked with ink. On the second reading 48 hours later the patches are removed, readings are taken, and further areas are re-marked.

The third reading is a further 48 to 72 hours later, where your last results are recorded. Your consultant will review these results and reconvene to discuss them with you.We will ask you to avoid taking any antihistamines for 48 hours before, andfor the duration of the test, and avoid rubbing or scratching the patches so they don’t move out of place.

If you have not seen a dermatologist and you’d like to have this carried out, please contact our team and we can arrange an initial consultation, the tests and investigation and your treatment with one of our doctors. We are also happy to see patients for patch testing who have been referred by a consultant dermatologist (UK registered).

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