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Tips for Skincare

As autumn finally arrives, the dregs of the summer evaporate away and all is set for the long haul to winter.  If you find this as disheartening as most, then here are 5 tips to keep your skin looking fresh and young.

1)   Use sunblock – most ageing and wrinkling of skin is due to sun exposure.  That ‘healthy’ tan will take it’s toll in later years.

2)   Moisturise as regularly as you are able to.  In patients with skin disease, this can sometimes be every half hour.  For those of us who work, try and aim for 3 – 4 times daily.

3)   Avoid soap and use emollients to wash with.  Oils and creams clean the skin adequately, but leave a layer of emollient rather than irritant soap.

4)   Exfoliate very gently in the shower with a slightly abrasive glove or loofa.

5)   Keep your skin and immune system in great health by sleeping as much as you need, and maintaining a healthy diet.


The weekend papers report that complaints against private healthcare insurance providers are on the increase (as are premiums).  The majority of these complaints stem from the fact that some insurers will not allow their clients to see the more experienced consultants as these consultants tariffs exceed that which the insurer is willing to pay.  Strangely, some insurance companies will not allow patients to pay the difference, thus reducing the choice of experts that are available under these insurers.  At the Harley Street Dermatology Clinic we currently cater for all insurers and are compliant with their tariffs.  If you are in doubt, check with your insurance company about the tariff limitations that you may be subject to.

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