Are The Effects of Skin Conditions Underestimated?

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Skin conditions can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and tricky to treat, but they are often dismissed as minor or cosmetic problems. It’s time we all took our skin more seriously.

Getting the Right Care

Accessing specialist care is still too difficult in many parts of the UK, although it is possible to find a good private dermatologist in London without having to wait for an NHS referral. Getting emotional support can be even tougher, although many clinics do provide additional services through psychologists and counsellors. Issues such as anxiety, stress, low self esteem and depression are common and we need to address their impact on patient’s physical health and mental wellbeing.

Raising Awareness

We also need to raise more awareness about skin problems. Many people in the UK haven’t heard of conditions such as psoriasis, which means that too many of us have had to face bad reactions because of our skin. Too many people will stop and stare, laugh, make insulting remarks, or be afraid of catching something even when you tell them it is not contagious. It is also common to have difficulty getting employers, friends and family members to understand the impact of skin conditions. Learning more about your own condition from your dermatologist can help you to educate the people you know, but we also need to support the many excellent organisations that are raising awareness in the London and across the UK.

Living With A Skin Condition

It’s important not to underestimate the effects of your skin problems. Make sure that you are getting the support you need, not just from your dermatologist in London, but also from your friends and family. Talk to a counsellor or psychologist if you need advice and visit the British Association of Dermatologist’s support site, for tips on coping with skin conditions and links to local support groups in the UK.

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