Why You Shouldn’t Squeeze Your Spots

By October 25, 2016 January 28th, 2020 No Comments

Squeezing your spots can be tempting, but it is usually a bad idea. A squeezed spot can stay around for longer and spread around the oil and bacteria that cause acne. Opening up a spot can also risk problems such as infection and scarring. The best way to get rid of your spots is to use an over the counter product and to see a private dermatologist at our London clinic if this doesn’t work. Your dermatologist might even be able to remove the contents of any particularly large spots, without putting you at risk of infection or scarring.

Any opening in your skin is a potential entry point for bacteria, viruses, or fungal infections. If you do develop an infection in a squeezed spot, it could lead to more inflammation and swelling that will last longer than a normal spot. It could also develop into a more serious infection that might require additional treatment from your private dermatologist in London. It is a particularly bad idea to squeeze any spots in the danger triangle on your face. This is the area from the corners of your mouth up to the top of your nose, including the inner corners of your eyes. An infection here could affect your eyes or even make its way to your brain because they are directly connected by blood vessels. Although it is very rare for such a severe infection to take hold, unless your immune system is already compromised, it isn’t worth the risk.

Another reason to avoid squeezing your spots is that it can increase the risk of scarring, particularly if you end up with increased inflammation or an infection. Damaging your skin by squeezing your spots can leave you with a permanent mark or a darkened patch. Treatment by a private dermatologist in London can help to reduce the risk of scarring, as well as to reduce the number of potentially scarring spots that appear.