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Manage Hair Loss

Managing hair loss can be difficult when you have alopecia, but help is available from support groups like Alopecia UK and from the doctors at the Harley Street skin clinic.

If you are experiencing unusual hair loss, it is very important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Although you can talk to your own doctor, you will probably need to see a dermatologist who specialises in conditions affecting the hair and skin. A dermatologist at the Harley Street skin clinic can run some tests and give you an accurate diagnosis, which will help you to get the right treatment for hair loss. A prompt diagnosis can make a big difference if you have alopecia, particularly if it turns out that you have scarring alopecia, which needs to be treated quickly to limit the damage.

Once you have an accurate diagnosis, your dermatologist at the Harley Street skin clinic can help you to choose the right options for treatment. Treating alopecia can be difficult, as there are no guaranteed cures. Some people respond well to treatment with corticosteroids or immunotherapy, but others do not, and the treatments often take a long time even when they are successful. In some cases, the best option might even be simply to watch and wait.

Given the difficulties of treating alopecia, it is likely that you will have to live with your hair loss for some time, even if your treatment is very successful. Living with alopecia can be upsetting, so it is important to find someone to talk to, whether that is your dermatologist, a support group, or your friends and family. You might like to try some complementary therapy, such as massage or acupuncture, which can help to relieve your anxiety even if there is no evidence that it can help to prevent hair loss. Sometimes it can help to try wearing a wig, if your hair loss is extensive or you feel self conscious about it, but it is up to you to decide what makes you feel most comfortable.

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