International Call for Initiatives to Reduce Skin Cancer.

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Initiate to Stop Rise of Skin Cancer

The US Surgeon General has highlighted the fact that skin cancer is a ‘major public health problem’.  The surgeon General Boris D. Lushniak, who is a dermatologist by training, has called on both institutions and individuals to try and help reduce the incidence of skin cancer in the US.

With over 5 million people in the US alone being treated for skin cancer each year, at a cost of around $8 billion, it is vital to reduce the trend in the US, and by extrapolation, in the UK.

The US surgeon general’s call for action can be summarised in the points below:

  • increase opportunities for sun protection outdoors;
  • provide people with information they need to make informed, healthy choices about UV radiation exposure;
  • promote policies that advance the national goal of skin cancer prevention;
  • reduce harms from indoor tanning
  • strengthen research, surveillance, monitoring and evaluation related to skin cancer prevention

Are you worried about skin cancer?

Skin cancer is the commonest form of cancer affecting people in the U.K. and indeed, throughout the world. The commonest varieties, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are known as non-melanoma skin cancers whilst the third commonest type is malignant melanoma.

Five Things to look out for:

1)   moles changing size, shape or colour

2)   new enlarging moles that look different to the other moles on your skin

3)   New lumps or growths that do not get better over time

4)   Bleeding or ulcerating lumps or plaques on the face or upper body

5)   Warty lumps or growths that continue to enlarge

If you are in any doubt, get yourself checked over by a consultant dermatologist.

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