Website News and Skin Tips for September

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Skin Tips From HSDC

Our objective is to create a useful web-based resource for our patients who wish to find out more about their skin condition, and this continues at a pace.

There are now several new pages added to the website with images and text covering various conditions ranging from urticarial, to scabies.

Over the coming weeks, the entire ‘syllabus’ of general dermatological conditions will be covered with as many ‘before and after treatment’ photos as possible.

At the HARLEY STREET DERMATOLOGY CLINIC we want you to see what is the possible outcome of treating your skin condition.  There is no need to let skin disease rule your life.

Moisturising the skin replaces the oils that are lost through daily wear and tear.  It helps to keen the skin in better condition. Top tips for skin moisturising:

1)   Emollients can be oil-based (ointments) or water-based (creams).  Thickened dry areas of skin do better with ointments whilst in delicate areas such as the face, creams are better tolerated.

2)   Many creams contain perfumes, preservatives and wool extracts.  It is possible to develop allergy to these things, so dermatologists advise the use of a ‘bland’, fragrance-free products.

3)   Use emollients at least twice a day and as often as is practical in between these times.

4)   Washing with an emollient in place of soap removes the irritant and caustic effects of soap from the skin and can help improve most forms of dermatitis.

5)   Some emollients contain sunscreen – these are useful for the face.  Remember, sunscreens should have both SPF and UVA protection to reduce damage from all types of ultraviolet.  At the HARLEY STREET DERMATOLOGY CLINIC our consultants recommend factor 30 SPF and at least 4 stars of UVA protection.