Do You Sweat Too Much?

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Do you sweat too much?

Excess sweating or hyperhidrosis is a well-recognised medical condition that dermatologists regularly see and treat.  Sweating can occur all over the body or be localised to areas such as the face, armpits hands, feet or groin.  Suffers from hyperhidrosis know only too well about the social impact excess sweating can have.  In some cases, people can sweat right through their suits or trousers, and sweat dripping from the hands can be highly embarrassing.

The treatment options for this condition are quite limited, but excellent results can be achieved by the use of various modalities including powerful anti-perspirants, tablets (glycopyrronium), iontophoresis or botulinum toxin injection.

Iontophoresis involves passing a mild electric current through the affected areas in an effort to stun the sweat glands into inactivity.

Botulinum toxin injection into the skin or the armpits is admittedly not the most enjoyable experience in the world (between 20 – 40 injections per armpit), but the results can be completely life-changing.  The botulinum toxin paralyses the sweat ducts and can lead to complete remission from the condition which on average will last between 6 – 9 months.

Strawberry Birthmarks

The drug propranolol hydrochloride has recently been approved by the FDA in North America for the treatment of infantile (strawberry) haemangiomas. Although these disfiguring red lumps often spontaneously resolve over time, this drug can expedite the process and improve cosmetic impact, particularly for larger lesions.

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