Happy Psoriasis Awareness Week! (1 – 8 November)

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Spread Psoriasis Awareness

It is psoriasis awareness week and the Harley Street Dermatology Clinic has teamed up with Philips who are launching a new home treatment light therapy for psoriasis called Blue Control.  Details can be found here.  Dr Friedmann appears in the video to raise the public awareness of psoriasis.

At the Harley Street Dermatology Clinic, we know how huge an impact psoriasis can have on your life.  It is an amazing time for drug development in psoriasis and there are new and amazing drugs coming onto the market every month now.

If your disease is impacting on your life, get in touch and let us talk you through the treatment options available.  Although we can’t cure your disease, we aspire to get you 90-100% clear!

Introducing Dr Sarah Coles, Clinical Psychologist

We are delighted to announce that as of January 2016 we will have our very own clinical psychologist working in the department.  Dermatologists know that having skin disease can cause a huge amount of psychological distress which can manifest in a number of ways such as loss of confidence, depression and anxiety.  Not only that, but we also know that stress, anxiety and depression can drive skin disease to flare up and it can become a bit of a spiral of decline.

Dr Sarah Coles is a UK trained clinical psychologist who will be bringing her expertise to the clinic in an effort to help any of our patients who suffer with psychological issues, either as a result of their skin disease, or for other reasons.

If you have concerns about your skin and the effect that it is having on you psychologically, get in touch and we can book you in with Dr Coles.