Your Basal Cell Carcinoma Treatment Options

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Right Basal Cell Carcinoma Treatment for You

The right basal cell carcinoma treatment option for you will depend on several important factors. The size and depth of the tumour will determine how easy it is to remove or destroy using different techniques. The location of the tumour can also be important, as it can be difficult or risky to remove tumours from some places. As there is a risk of scarring with some procedures, the aesthetic impact of treatment will also need to be taken into account, particularly if the lesion is somewhere highly visible. Your doctor will also consider your age and health when deciding on the right treatment for you.

Destroying the Tumour

Some of the options for basal cell carcinoma treatment work by destroying the cancer cells without having to remove the tumour surgically. Topical treatments that eliminate the tumour with a cream or gel applied to your skin can be easiest for you, but they aren’t suitable for every type of tumour. Other methods can also be used to eliminate basal cell carcinomas without surgery. Radiotherapy is the most common, but while it can be very effective, there is a risk of side effects such as cosmetic damage. Other options such as cryotherapy and phototherapy are sometimes considered, but they aren’t usually as reliable as surgery.

Removing the Tumour

Surgical removal can be a very effective option for basal cell carcinoma treatment. Several different types of procedure can be performed to remove the tumour, the simplest of which is surgical excision to remove the whole tumour, along with a border of healthy tissue around it. Being able to check that the whole tumour has been eliminated is an important benefit of the surgical options. When the tissue is destroyed rather than removed, your dermatologist won’t be able to examine it under a microscope to ensure that all the cancer cells have been eliminated.