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5 Treatments To Remove a Wart

Date: Apr 2017

Getting rid of a wart or verruca can be easy, but sometimes it takes several attempts to find the right treatment for a stubborn wart. Here are the options your skin specialist in London might recommend:
  • Over the Counter Treatments
    Many over the counter products are available that can help to get rid of warts or verrucas. If you only have one or a few warts, they aren’t on your face, and they aren’t causing you any pain or embarrassment, then it can be a good idea to try these products first. You may need to paint a chemical treatment onto the wart every night or follow the instructions to freeze it off.

  • Chemical Treatments from Your Skin Specialist
    If the over the counter products don’t work, you can visit a dermatologist at the London skin clinic. It is also important to consult a skin specialist if you aren’t sure that the growth is really a wart or verruca. Other kinds of skin growths may require different treatments. If the doctor confirms that you have a wart, the first treatment option will usually be a chemical treatment such as salicylic acid. The doctor may be able to prescribe a stronger peeling treatment than is available over the counter.

  • Cryotherapy
    Another common treatment for warts and verrucas is cryotherapy. The wart is quickly frozen with liquid nitrogen. It takes just a few minutes, but you may need several treatments before the wart blisters and falls off. The doctor may recommend cryotherapy if chemical treatments haven’t helped or if you need quicker results.

  • Surgical Removal
    Most warts can be treated without surgery, but in some cases a stubborn wart will need to be removed by excising it under a local anaesthetic at the London skin clinic. Other surgical techniques can involve burning the wart off with electricity or a laser.

  • Using Your Immune System
    If the wart still won’t budge, there is one more treatment options your skin specialist can try. It uses your own immune system to defeat the wart. A medication called diphencyprone can be put onto the wart to encourage your immune system to attack. The treatment will need to be repeated every few weeks until the wart is gone.


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