Dr. Sasha Dhoat.

Consultant Dermatologist.

Clinic Days
Monday 3pm – 6pm

Dr Sasha Dhoat MBBS, BSc (hons), FRCP, PGCME is a U.K.-trained Consultant Dermatologist with over 15 years experience in the field, 11 of which as a substantive NHS Dermatology Consultant and Paediatric Dermatologist. She was initially appointed at The Royal Free Hospital and currently works at the world-renowned Bart’s and The London Hospitals; the second largest paediatric unit in London.

Dr Dhoat has extensive and broad experience in all aspects of the speciality and consults on acne, rosacea, eczema, other skin rashes, psoriasis, hyperhidrosis, (excessive sweating), melasma, genital dermatoses, pigmented lesions, intralesional steroids for keloid scars or inflamed cysts, TCA for xanthalasma and skin allergies. Her special interests include paediatric dermatology, emergency dermatology, skin cancer and moles.

She studied medicine at St George’s Hospital and graduated in 2000,with honours in physiology, clinical medicine and neurology. She obtained a first class degree from Imperial College for her B.Sc. in clinical and biological sciencesand was awarded the E Woodford Williams Prize for best scientific paper. She has attained numerous awards and prizes during her career in Dermatology, including the esteemedHugh Wallace prize at The Royal Society of Medicine three years running and the Bristol Cup Paediatric Prize from the British Association of Dermatologists. Shehas been votedbest clinical tutor award by medical students three times across London, atUniversity College London, Bart’s and The London NHS Trust and King’s College Hospital and is a final year and MRCP examiner.She was nominated to become a Fellow of the prestigious Royal College of Physicians and was invested FRCP in 2015.

Dr Dhoat was involved in research at The Royal Free Hospital on cutaneous manifestations for FOS, a worldwide outcomes database established to study the natural history of Fabry’s disease and to examine the effects of enzyme replacement therapy, with agalsidase alpha and has published in both general medical and specialist Dermatology literature.

Dr Dhoat is passionate about sharing information in an effective, inclusive, empathic, clear, open and supportive manner to patients, relatives and carers, and enhances patient understanding with the provision of appropriate information sheets/booklets, website links, gives advice regarding patient support groups and has advanced training in communication.



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