Dr. Sanjay Rajpara.

Consultant Dermatologist.

Clinic Days
Thursday 2pm – 6pm

Dr. Rajpara qualified in India and after gaining a degree in Dermatology & Venereology he undertook further training in the UK. This included training and experience in general medicine and dermasurgery (including Mohs surgery and Lasers) in England and in dermatology in Scotland. His current post is a consultant dermatologist and derm (Mohs) surgeon at Kings college hospital.

He offers consultation on all dermatological problems including acne, acne scarring, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancers, mole checks, hyperhidrosis and botox.

Actively involved in clinical research and teaching, Dr Rajpara has given over 50 national and international presentations and invited talks and has published more than 20 articles. He has been on channel 4 body shockers programme and has been a faculty for British Medical Laser Association and for Laser and Aesthetics Europe. He has been involved in updating SIGN melanoma guidelines and also was in Scottish Cosmetic Interventions Group- High Quality care subgroup (HQC SCIEG) for guidelines for regulations of non surgical cosmetic treatments in the Scotland.

He is external examiner for MSc Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics (NSFA) for University of central Lancashire, UK and faculty for University of Manchester anti-ageing course.

Faculty and Invited Talks.


Oct 17 ‘lifting techniques’ at BCDG session at CCR expo
May 17 Faculty for laser course on hair removal and vascular lasers
British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) annual meeting at Manchester
Oct 16 CCR expo London
Invited talk- non surgical treatments for face and neck lift
Sept 16 European Academy of dermatology and venereology
Faculty Aesthetic lasers and energy-based devices: Technologies and frequent treatment indications
May 16 British Medical Laser Association (BMLA)
Faculty for vascular laser and hair removal course
Nov 15 Manchester University
Faculty-Skin Ageing and Aesthetics MSc Year 2 Residential course
June 15 Laser & aesthetics Europe, Athens Injectables masterclass.
Feb 15 Royal Society of Medicine ICG-7 What is new in cosmetic lasers and devices? Invited lecture, Interventional cosmetics: New and controversial treatments. London. UK
Nov 14 Salford royal laser course– laser lipolysis
May 14 British Medical Laser association and laser Europe May 2014, Manchester, UK June 11 and Nov 13, Nov 2016
Scottish registrar teaching days lasers and cosmetic dermatology for dermatology trainee registrar curriculum. March 2012, March 2014 and March 16
British cosmetic Dermatology society annual course March 2012- botox and fillers Sept 12 and Sept 13
National Laser course Manchester UK Sept 12 and Sept 13- fractionated laser technology May 11
National course for Scottish ENT registrars – facial flaps

National Scottish Guidelines Development.


Oct 2014 onwards- SIGN melanoma guidelines update group May 2014 to July 2015- Scottish Cosmetic Interventions Group- High Quality care subgroup (HQC SCIEG) Guidelines for regulations of non surgical cosmetic treatments in the Scotland.

Clinical Skills.


General dermatology
Skin cancer diagnosis and mole mapping
Skin allergy and patch testing
Mohs micrographic surgery and skin surgery
Photodynamic treatment for premalignant skin lesions
Lasers for dermatology and cosmetic procedures ( Pulsed Dye Laser, Nd:YAG Laser, Q switched YAG Laser)
Laser liposuction for bodysculpting
Fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing for acne scars, wrinkles and photoageing
Cosmetic dermatology, botox and fillers
Vitiligo surgery



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Presentations and Abstracts.


Comparison of premixed lignocaine 1% with 1:200,000 adrenaline versus premixed lignocaine 1% with 1:200,000 adrenaline plus levobupivacaine in patients undergoing Mohs Micrographic Surgery – an audit of real life use. KOH HY, FLEMING C, RAJPARA S. American society for derm surgery meeting Oct 18

Non-surgical interventions for the lower face and neck lift – recent advances. Rajpara S. Poster at RSM aesthetics 8, 22 Jan 2016.

Safety and Efficacy of Isotretinoin for Acne Vulgaris: a retrospective study. S Rajpara, A Rahman, S Tabassum, M Islam and J Moran Sept 2015 European Society for Dermatological Research meeting poster presentation.

Non surgical treatment for jowels and double chin. Rajpara S. Paper presentation at Skn annual convention, Birmingham Sept 2015 and at Laser & aesthetics Europe, Athens June 15.

Three point advancement closure. Duncan S, Ho Sue Ann, Fleming C, Rajpara S. Poster for British Association of Dermatology annual meeting July 2015.

The Mohs Micrographic Surgery database: a 6 year experience with periocular tumour. Ho SA, Rajpara S, Affleck A, Fleming C. Oral presentation for British Association of Dermatology annual meeting July 2015.

Development of a Mohs Surgery Histopathology Database. Ho SA, Rajpara S, Affleck A, Fleming C. Oral presentation at British Association of dermatologists meeting July 2015.

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Scalp alopecia secondary to immobilization and prolonged intensive care unit admissions: analogous to sacral pressure ulcer. Duncan A, Rajpara S, Yesudian P et al. Jul 05- Oral Paper. BAD meeting.

Abnormal liver function test is common in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes and does not improve with good metabolic control. Sultan S, Rajpara S, Rajbhandari S et al. Apr 05- Poster. Diabetes UK conference.

A case report of Linear Porokeratosis, Giant Porokeratosis in an adult male. Rajpara S, Pujara S, Mar 03 Poster ‘ National Conference of IADV & L (Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists)

Risk factors and management in newly referred patients to diabetes clinic and their management. Rajpara S, Imtiaz K, Jun 03- Poster Presentation. Fourth international symposium of diabetes- from molecular biology to clinical medicine, Preston, United Kingdom

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Eye changes in 100 leprosy patients. Rajpara S, Patel R, Pujara S, Dec 99 Paper ‘. Annual Conference of IADV & L

Cutaneous manifestations in HIV positive patients. Rajpara S, Pujara S, Patel A, Dec 98 Paper . Annual Conference of IADV & L


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