Dr. Natalie Attard.

Consultant Dermatologist.

Clinic Days
Monday 10am – 3pm

*Does not see children under 18

Dr Natalie Attard is a UK-trained dermatologist. She studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh where she was also awarded a 1st class honours degree in physiology. She has over 10 years dermatology experience based at many of London’s teaching Hospitals including The Royal London, The Royal Free and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Dr Attard is an NHS Consultant Dermatologist at the internationally renowned St John’s Institute of Dermatology at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital where she is Lead for the skin cancer screening service. As well as skin cancer, her other areas of special interest are medical dermatology and dermatology education.

During her postgraduate training in dermatology, Dr Attard was awarded a Research Fellowship with Cancer Research UK. Her studies concerned the role of immunosuppressant drugs in the hugely elevated incidence of skin cancer in organ transplant recipients. You can find more information about her published scientific papers, reviews and case studies below.

Dr Attard consults on all aspects of skin disease including acne and rosacea, infections, eczema, psoriasis, mole checks and other skin lesions.



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Clinical Research

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Having the right dermatologist is important especially when you have a chronic skin condition that will require ongoing treatment. We want you to feel confident that we’re providing you with the best possible care. We also want you to feel as comfortable as possible with your dermatologist.

The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic specialises in conditions affecting the skin, hair and nails. Our goal is to provide all the care that you need when you’re experiencing these kinds of problems. We want to make it easy for you to access the best quality treatment and support in London.

The clinic is conveniently located in Central London, so it’s easy to visit us if you need to see a dermatologist. You will find yourself in a very comfortable and welcoming environment. We have created a relaxing space where you will receive the highest quality of care. We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, are part of the British Association of Dermatologists and are top rated by patients of Doctify so you can be sure of safe and effective treatment with us.


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020 3322 7852


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