Dr. Marie-Louise Daly.

Consultant Dermatologist.

Clinic Days
Thursday 9am – 1pm
Friday 2pm – 6pm

Dr Daly studied medicine and completed postgraduate research at the University of Cambridge and has worked at a number of Cambridge and London teaching hospitals (King’s College and Guy’s and St. Thomas’). Dr Daly has published numerous scientific papers, a Dermatology textbook and has presented at national and international conferences and continues to carry out clinical research. As a Consultant post holder at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust Dr Daly has taken on roles in Departmental Management and Medical Education and is the lead for treating complex inflammatory skin disease in the Biologics clinic. Dr Daly enjoys building a rapport with patients, consults on all aspects of skin disease and can perform surgical procedures; in particular she can help with conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, skin infections as well as moles and skin cancers.

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