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What to Look for in Moles That Might be Becoming Melanoma

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Mole – Might Become Melanoma

Checking MolesNews last week confirmed that men are more likely to present late with malignant melanoma than women are.  This of course can mean a worse prognosis.

As the incidence of malignant melanoma has increased by 400% in the last 40 years, we look at a few important things you ought to know.

5 Reasons things that might increase your risk of skin cancer:

  1. You have fair skin and burn easily in the sun
  2. Excess sun exposure – having lived or worked in the sun, particularly in hot countries
  3. A history of malignant melanoma in your family
  4. Having a lot of moles
  5. Problems with the immune system or take immune-suppressing medications

Remember – if treated early enough, malignant melanoma is curable.  So if in doubt, get yourself checked.

Top tips on what to look out for in moles that might be becoming melanoma:

  1. Rapidly growing or enlarging moles
  2. Moles that change shape and become irregular or asymmetrical
  3. Blurring of the borders of a mole
  4. Changing colour, particularly darkening, or more variations of colour appearing
  5. Ulceration or bleeding

For examples of both benign moles and malignant melanoma, see our website.

Remember – there is no substitute for a consultant dermatologist examining your moles.  If you are worried, get in touch today.