Looking After Your Skin In Spring

By April 21, 2017 September 2nd, 2021 No Comments

Spring can be the best time of the year when you have a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis that is sensitive to your environment. However, while the warmer weather and sunshine can be very enjoyable, there are still a few bad points about the change in season. Make sure that you talk to your skin specialist at the London clinic if your symptoms flare up.

The Benefits of Spring

Spring in the UK can be the perfect balance of warmth and humidity for sensitive skin. We are leaving behind the cold days of winter, but we haven’t yet reached the drier heat of summer. We get to enjoy:

  • Turning Off the Central Heating: Between the cold weather outside and the dry heat indoors, winter can be tough on your skin. It’s worth celebrating the time of year when we can finally turn the heating off.
  • More Time Outdoors: Getting out more can reduce your stress levels, which is great for your skin, particularly if you have a condition like eczema, psoriasis or acne.
  • The Sun: Spending time outside also gives us a chance to enjoy a little sunshine, when the weather is right. The sun can be good for your mood and your skin, especially if you have psoriasis.

Spring Skin Risks to Avoid

Although spring can be a great season for your skin, there are a few issues to look out for, especially as the weather warms up over the next few months:

  • Pollen and Hay Fever: Allergies can make spring much less enjoyable, so make sure to watch the pollen count and ask your skin specialist for advice if you develop a rash.
  • Sweat and Overheating: Warmer weather is very enjoyable, but if you get too hot or sweaty it can aggravate conditions like eczema. Try to stay cool and pick looser, lighter clothing.
  • The Sun: A little sunshine can be good for you, but don’t overdo it. Ask your skin specialist in London for tips on enjoying the sun safely.