The Importance of Using an Emollient

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Importance of an Emollient

Looking after your skin properly is particularly important when you have a skin condition. One of the things that your skin specialist in London will probably tell you to do is to use an emollient regularly. An emollient is a moisturiser that is designed to care for your skin rather than to be used just for cosmetic purposes.

Why You Should Moisturise

Moisturising your skin regularly can help to keep your skin in the best possible condition. Your skin should be more flexible when it is properly moisturised, which can prevent cracking. You should also experience less dryness and flaking. Using a moisturiser regularly can be very important for everyone’s skin. You should usually use a moisturiser at least once a day, even when you aren’t experiencing any symptoms. If you have very dry skin, you should moisturise more often. Although it can seem obvious that you should be moisturising if you have a condition like eczema, you do still need to use an emollient if you have a problem like acne that doesn’t result in dryness. Your skin specialist in London can recommend the right product for your skin.

Finding the Right Moisturiser

Emollients come in many different forms and they can have different ingredients to address particular problems or symptoms. Creams are a popular option as they tend to feel lighter on your skin, but other products such as ointments can be more powerful for very dry skin. Other products such as oils can be used while you are bathing or showering, which can be convenient. Some emollients also have added ingredients that can treat particular symptoms, so they can reduce itchiness, prevent infections or help in other ways. Your skin specialist at the London clinic can recommend products that will be good for your skin type, for a particular skin condition, or to address your current symptoms, but it can still take some trial and error to find the emollient that suits you.