Follow Up Care After Skin Cancer Treatment

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Post Skin Cancer Treatment Care

After you complete your treatment at the skin cancer clinic in London, your dermatologist will probably want you to come back for some follow up appointments to check on your skin. The doctor will want to check that you aren’t experiencing any unwanted side effects and to ensure that the cancer has not returned.

Your dermatologist will advise you on how often you should come back for a check up at the skin cancer clinic in London. It will depend on the type of skin cancer that you have had, how large and advanced the cancer was, and whether there are any complications with your health. You might be asked to come back just a few times, or to schedule regular check ups every three to six months for the next few years if you are at high risk.

What Happens at a Follow Up Appointment

During the check up, the doctor will ask about your health, examine your skin, and advise you on how to perform your own skin checks and to protect your skin from the sun. Checking your skin regularly is important as it will ensure that any new or recurring cancer is spotted as quickly as possible. If you notice anything unusual about your skin, you can mention it to your doctor at the follow up appointment, or make an earlier appointment at the skin cancer clinic in London if you don’t have a follow up scheduled soon.

Self examinations are useful, but it can also be reassuring to have your skin checked by a professional. The follow up is a chance for the doctor to check your skin for any signs of developing problems, which can then be investigated further if necessary. Attending the follow ups as often as your doctor recommends should ensure that any problems are spotted and tackled as soon as possible.